Monday, March 23, 2015

General Tutorial to make WPAP

WPAP or Wedha's pop art Portrait is one of art that has unique characteristics. The art is from Indonesia, found by Wedha Abdul Rasyid. The difference of the other art is WPAP only uses straight line (not curve) and it has many color in the art. WPAP usually make for illustration of face, but sometimes people make an Anomali. Anomali is WPAP that show things or moments.

In this part, I want to make general tutorial to make WPAP for You. This is the process of making WPAP in general
1. Selecting and adjust photo
In the first step, You have to choose photo and then adjust the photo. If You an amateur, I suggest You to select popular photos, example : artists, singer, band, soccer player and so on. Then, You may adjust your photo using brightness and contrast.
2. Tracing or faceting
Next, You have to trace or make line (straight line, not curve) in your photo. Every part of photo have to divided by straight line based on lightness and darkness of photo.
The Picture of faceting or tracing

3. Skintone or monochrome
For an amateur, I suggest You to do this step, You have to make field in the photo, I usually using Smart fill tool in coreldraw. The color is only one color if You make monochrome but still based on the lightness and darkness of photo.
4. Coloring
You have to change color oh monochrome to many color, certainly based in lightness and darkness of monochrome.

Okay, this is my general tutorial in making WPAP. In the next tutorial, I want to show You more detail tutorial in making WPAP.
Thank You ^_^

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