Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tracing or Faceting WPAP (T-area)

Hi readers, so long I didn't post any tutorial for You. Now, I want to try to make more detail tutorial in making WPAP (Wedha's Pop Art Portrait. In the first step You have known how to Select Photo and adjust the photos. In this part of tutorial is "Tracing or Faceting" Check it out!!!

In WPAP, You have to focus on T area (eyes, nose and mouth), so, In the first to make WPAP is focus on that area.

Before You learn about the T area, I will show You the general faceting rules. It's simple but very important to know.
First, You have to make Your facet clear and straight, so, it's not impressable curve.

source : Belajar WPAP yuk

Second, If it possible, make your facet vertically and horizontally. As long as it doesn't break the character of the photo.

source : Belajar WPAP yuk
   There are some general tips (basic) to make the facet. Maybe if You can learn more in the other source ^_^. Finally, this is the tutorial of T area. Have a nice time to learn and try.

1. Faceting Eyes
    The first tutorial is faceting eyes. There are many kinds of eyes in the word, so, I suggest You to choose a normal eyes (NOT freak expression => First tutorial to select photo). Pay attention about the character of eyes, such as : eyelash, eyebrow and so on.
source : Belajar WPAP yuk
Note : First, You should divide the part in photo,  tell apart of dark, low, medium and bright. This is the key of making facet (faceting). Second, NOT use the RED color to coloring the eyes if You don't want to make Your object likes has sore eyes ^_^.
2. Faceting Mouth
    The next tutorial of T area is, Mouth. If you see, that many expression of mouth, for example smile, duck face, shocked, tongue and so on. In this part of the tutorial, I will show you several expression tutorial. Let's check and try.
source : Belajar WPAP yuk

Tutorial by Limada Iqbal (Natural Mouth)

Tutorial by Limada Iqbal ( Scream )
So, I have shown to You three expression. First is smile, focus in lips and tooth, next is natural or normal mouth. It's easy to execute. The last is scream expression, You should notice the lips, tooth and also the tongue. Finally, we will finish the tutorial of T area. Last is nose tutorial ^_^

3. Faceting Nose
    The last tutorial of this section is Faceting nose. The basic is the same, still focus on difference of light. Dark, bright, medium and so on.

Nose tutorial by Limada Iqbal

It's a simple tricks, right? So, lets make WPAP and enjoy it. ^_^

If You have any troubles in making WPAP, You can ask me in my facebook (Limada Iqbal) or twitter (@limada_iqbal).
Or You can join the facebook group in Belajar WPAP yuk (

Thank You for watching my tutorial... wait for the next tutorial... ^_^. Bye.. bye...

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